What Is ABA

    1. PART 1: A General Look Into What is Applied Behavior Analysis and Your Journey Into Services

    2. What is ABA Part 1 Quiz

    1. PART 2: Getting Started - ‘The Whens, Wheres, and Whos’ of ABA

    2. What is ABA Part 2 Quiz

    1. PART 3: How To Know You Are Getting Good ABA and Your Journey Into Therapy Services

    2. What is ABA Part 3 Quiz

    1. PART 4: How To Ensure You Are Getting Good ABA: Evaluating Quality ABA and Asking Your Provider Questions

    2. What is ABA Part 4 Quiz

We will discuss what ABA is, the benefits of ABA, who is involved in therapy, and what to expect from ABA therapy sessions. We also give you the tools to begin the process of beginning ABA therapy, and evaluating quality ABA providers.

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